Monitoring is fun! It is so fun that once you started you’ll never leave any of your apps without some fancy metrics. But sometimes beginners are afraid to touch this area, mostly because the rest of the tech is overwhelmed with complexity, standards, and conventions.

In this article, we’ll try…

Yesterday, InfluxData released a new product called InfluxDB IOx written in Rust. That solution covers a few different cases compared to VictoriaMetrics but still can be used to store metrics. And as you know, we love to do benchmarks with other metrics storages (influx, scylla, timescale).

We’re always curious about…

Monitoring isn’t easy. Well, sometimes it can be easy, but sometimes it’s not. Often, it’s easy to catch a problem, if you know what to look for — just create a query that captures it, and set up an alert for it.

But oftentimes you don’t know what can happen…


The Aspiring Monitoring Solution

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